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ysolde_nyx's Journal

Ysolde Nyx
31 October
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**This is a journal for a fictional character in a roleplaying game.**

To mortals, Ysolde Nyx is the bass player for the Goth band Dark Madonna, which has a small but dedicated following in the Washington D.C. area.

To her fellow Lost, she is a Shadowsoul of the Winter Court.

Description: To mortal eyes, Ysolde looks just like one more Goth girl, complete with pale complexion, black lipstick, and a wardrobe that seems to contain nothing but velvet, lace and leather.

Her fellow Lost see a woman with skin as pale as moonbeams and fathomless dark eyes. Her hair seems to be made of shadows and is as fine as silk.

##This was previously used as the journal for a character in ctd_epiphany.##